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28″ Griddle Wind Guards

The Blackstone Wind Guards help to deflect the annoying effects of wind on the griddle.  Strong winds can become a challenge when griddling as it can decrease the temperature or extinguish the flames while you are cooking. But with the Wind Guards, you can griddle with more control without worry of the weather. Simply hook the Wing Guards over the edge of the griddle top use the griddle as you normally would. These wind guards do not work the same with units that have hoods. They can be used as long as the hood is in the up position.

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Features - 28″ Griddle Wind Guards

  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Helps Deflect the Wind from the Firebox
  • Works with the Front Grease and Rear Grease Blackstone Griddle
  • Four (4) pieces (Two {2} short side pieces, Two {2} long back pieces.)
  • Long pieces 14.25”x 3”x .43”
  • Short pieces 12.8”x 3”x .43”

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single product